Sunday, August 22, 2010

jaranwala CNG station Blast

Screen capture of wreckage at the blast site.

JARANWALATwo young men were killed in a gas explosion at a CNG station on Sunday.  The blast went off when a gas bottle ruptured in the Punjabi city of Jaranwala.
The two victims — Yousaf and Suleman — both station employees, sustained serious injuries and died on the spot. Other staff members were also hurt in the explosion.
Eyewitnesses said the explosion occurred as the gas bottle of a small loading vehicle was being filled at a CNG station. Police officials said the explosion didn’t originate in the CNG station infrastructure.

Thursday, August 12, 2010



111th Aug, 20104:344:496:181:004:397:439:13
212th Aug, 20104:354:506:191:014:397:429:12
313th Aug, 20104:374:526:201:014:397:429:12
414th Aug, 20104:384:536:211:014:397:419:11
515th Aug, 20104:394:546:221:014:407:419:11
616th Aug, 20104:404:556:231:014:407:409:10
717th Aug, 20104:424:576:241:024:407:399:09
818th Aug, 20104:434:586:251:024:407:399:09
919th Aug, 20104:444:596:261:024:407:389:08
1020th Aug, 20104:465:016:271:024:407:379:07
1121st Aug, 20104:475:026:281:024:407:379:07
1222nd Aug, 20104:485:036:291:034:407:369:06
1323rd Aug, 20104:505:056:301:034:407:369:06
1424th Aug, 20104:515:066:321:034:407:359:05
1525th Aug, 20104:525:076:331:044:407:349:04
1626th Aug, 20104:545:096:341:044:407:349:04
1727th Aug, 20104:555:106:351:044:407:339:03
1828th Aug, 20104:575:126:361:044:417:339:03
1929th Aug, 20104:585:136:371:054:417:329:02
2030th Aug, 20104:595:146:391:054:417:319:01
2131st Aug, 20105:015:166:401:054:417:319:01
2201st Sep, 20105:025:176:411:064:417:309:00
2302nd Sep, 20105:045:196:421:064:417:309:00
2403rd Sep, 20105:055:206:431:064:417:298:59
2504th Sep, 20105:065:216:451:074:417:288:58
2605th Sep, 20105:085:236:461:074:417:288:58
2706th Sep, 20105:095:246:471:074:417:278:57
2807th Sep, 20105:115:266:481:084:417:278:57
2908th Sep, 20105:125:276:501:084:417:268:56
3009th Sep, 20105:145:296:511:084:417:258:55

Saturday, August 7, 2010

bhale dinoN ki baat hai

bhale dinoN ki baat hai
bhali si aik shakl thi
na ye ki husn-e-taam ho
na dekhne mein 'Aam si

na ye ki woh chale to kahkashaaN si rahguzar lage
magar woh saath ho to phir bhala bhala safar lage
koi bhi rut ho us ki chchab
fiza ka rang-o-roop thi
woh garmiyoN ki chchaaoN thi
woh sardiyoN ki dhoop thi

na muddatoN judaa rahe
na saath subh-o-shaam ho
na rishta-e-wafa pe zid
na ye ki izn-e-'Aam ho

na aisi Khush libasiyaaN
ki saadgi gila kare
na itni be takallufi
ki aaina haya kare

na iKhtilaat mein woh ram
ki bad-mazah hoN KhwahisheN
na is qadar supurdigi
ki zach kareN nawazisheN

na aashiqi junoon ki
ki zindagi 'azaab ho
na is qadar kaThor pan
ki dosti Kharaab ho

kabhi to baat bhi Khafi
kabhi sukoot bhi suKhan
kabhi to kasht-e-z'AfraaN
kabhi udaasiyoN ka ban

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jaranwala important pone numbers

Jaranwala important pone numbers list

Horse track revived after 17 years established by Sir Ganga Ram in Jaranwala

Nice to see give respect to their fellow and remember him.
I like that....

The horse-train, which reflected the vision of Sir Ganga Ram, is used as a cheap mode of transportation. – Dawn

FAISALABAD: Residents of Gangapur, a village established by Sir Ganga Ram in Jaranwala, enjoy a horse-train ride to reach nearby Buchiana railway station. The train pulled by one horse can accommodate 15 people.

The track was revived after 17 years by the district administration, Jaranwala TMA and the area people. The three-kilometre track from Buchiana railway station to Gangapur was launched in 1903 in Chak 591-GB that served the villagers until 1993. The facility was suspended in 1993 when the track was stolen.

Munawwar Ahmad Khan, former union council 47 nazim, campaigned for the revival of the project to facilitate the area people with this cheap mode of transportation.

The district government contributed Rs3.3 million, the Jaranwala Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Rs40,000 and villagers Rs1.7 million to restart the facility.

Talking to Dawn, Mr Khan said it took four years to resume the facility for the villagers as none of the government department was ready to help them. He said the facility was an antique and historical thing that reflected the vision of Sir Ganga Ram. He said the district administration would also place the model of horse-trains at under-construction Lyallpur Museum.

Sir Ganga Ram was an executive engineer by profession and a man behind the construction of various city buildings like Lahore museum, Aitcheson College, Mayo School of Arts, Lahore High Court and Lahore General Post Office.
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